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10 Great Makeup Effects And Illusions For Any Time of Year!

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Halloween makeup is only for Halloween? Nope! Try these 10 great makeup illusions any time! In no particular order… 10. Ripped/Torn Skin Facial Injury SFX Makeup Tutorial Not only is this helpful as a quick makeup idea, but it’s great for those who are allergic to latex. Chloe Morello knows …

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PopHorror Interview With Jess Marie, FX Artist From ‘White Willow’

One of the first things I noticed as I was reviewing director Ryan Swantek’s debut short White Willow was the beautiful special effects work by Sarasota SFX artist Jess Marie. I knew right away that the horror world had found a winner. I was recently lucky enough to chat with her about her …

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Slit (2016 Horror Short) – Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I love horror shorts and I also love supporting women in the horror industry. Therefore, in honor of Women in Horror Month, I’ve been researching and watching films made by women or with strong women leads. One of them that I came across was the Japanese horror short Slit (2016). Slit was …

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