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10 Great Makeup Effects And Illusions For Any Time of Year!

Halloween makeup is only for Halloween? Nope! Try these 10 great makeup illusions any time! In no particular order…

10. Ripped/Torn Skin Facial Injury SFX Makeup Tutorial

Not only is this helpful as a quick makeup idea, but it’s great for those who are allergic to latex. Chloe Morello knows what she’s doing, and takes you through the process step-by-step. As with all of these concepts, you can add your own variations. Still, with this one, you probably wouldn’t need to.  Check it out here


9. Three Easy Latex-Free DIY Wounds

Lipstick, blush and sauerkraut makes it look easy, and it probably actually is. Of course, you could always just get shot in the head or get clawed across the face by your cat, but this tutorial is there for those of us who wish to play it safe! None of these seem to require much time or effort, and they are pretty convincing.


8. Dark Rose Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Madeyewlook offers an idea for a Valentine’s Day makeup… or, of course, you could try it on for Halloween. This one seems to require more artistic skill to pull off, or you may want to have someone help you out if you’re not artistically inclined. Even though it’s not a last minute makeup idea, if you have experience, you can probably get it done quickly.


7. Half-Machine Half-Human SFX Makeup Tutorial

This makeup plainly requires more time and resources. Still, if you know how to make prosthetics, are artistically inclined and have the time, this is a very awesome thing you can try!


6. Trippy Reverse Side Makeup Tutorial

Simple Symphony Ophélie has a concept that’s well-suited for people who wear fake eyelashes. I chose this project because it’s one of the coolest ones, and among her easiest. Obviously, you can add your own ideas to this. I mean, why not? Basically, your mind’s the limit! – Unfortunately this video tutorial was removed.


5. Smiley Makeup Tutorial Horror

Nadine Mayerhofer shows us how to create a really creepy horror movie character. Also, one probably needn’t complete all these steps to have a good monster. It’s that cool of a concept. If you’re pressed for time, you could probably stop about 2:30-3:00 minutes into this video. Good enough!  Check it out here

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