Coming Soon to Theaters: New Horror Anthology ‘SATANIC HISPANICS’

Satanic Hispanics

Coming soon from Dread is the first all-Latino horror anthology from five indie-horror filmmakers, all hailing from a different corner of Latin America: Satanic Hispanics. The films are directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero (Bingo Hell, read our interview with Gigi here), Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!), Demián Rugna (Terrified), Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the …

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Fantastic Fest 2022 Film Lineup – Killer Teddy Bears, Man-eating Sharks, And Elderly Zombies, Oh, My!

Fantastic Fest is back, baby! And we’ve got the film lineup. Check it out! Are you going to Fantastic Fest 2022? What are you planning on watching? And keep your eyes peeled for our coverage of the event… especially the reviews and interviews! What do you think we should review …

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