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Celebrate Women in Horror Month with Bad Ass Women in Video Games

women in video games

It’s women in horror month and what better time to look into the past and present in the gaming world and remember some of the toughest women in video games. Before I get the comments, “You forgot (insert name), you dumb ass!” keep in mind, there are so many awesome …

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Why 2017 Is The Best Year For Horror Ever

I’m just going to come right out and say it… 2017 is the best year for horror ever. That’s right! We are currently living in the absolute best year for the horror genre yet. From movies to video games, 2017 is consistently giving us top notch entertainment and I don’t …

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Plans for ‘Resident Evil 8’ Are in the Works!

resident evil 8

During the last month or so, many of my friends have spent time on their couch with sweaty palms and a fast heart-rate after playing the new Resident Evil 7 game. If you love this game and everything that goes along with you’ll be excited to know that plans for …

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