2019 BITS Film Festival: ‘Sky So Blue’ (2019) Horror Short Review

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” — Tom Waits.

Clocking in at a speedy 15 minutes, Sky So Blue (2019), which screened recently at the 2019 Blood in the Snow Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, tells the story of a strange piece of music that has the power to kill.


After being attacked and imprisoned in his own home, a man stands accused of creating a strange piece of music that may or may not have the power to kill anyone who hears it.

Starting off deceptively tranquil, within minutes, this film transforms into a tense Did He Or Didn’t He? experience as Composer Liron (Jeff Sinasac: Late Night Double Feature 2016) is attacked in his home by another man Jin (Daniel Park: Pacific Rim 2013). Jin ties Liron to a chair and accuses him of a curious crime: writing a musical piece with the power to kill.

I loved Sky So Blue. The concept is so intriguing that I honestly couldn’t wait to watch it. Music has always had the power to move people. But how much power does music really have? What terrible things could this song be telling?

The chemistry between the two main characters is palpable, and no matter how much Liron denies writing the music, Jin refuses to believe him. The entire film is just a delicious verbal game of cat and mouse, and I ate up every morsel with delight. The direction was brilliant, and the tension in the film just built and built without letting up. I can’t wait to see what Director Tyler Williams (Son Of Sorrow 2008) has in store next!


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