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Rebecca Rinehart And Rob Mello’s ‘Tin Roof’ Begins Shooting Next Month

PopHorror contributor Rebecca Rinehart (our interview) has already made a name for herself in the indie horror community. She’s acted in 30 films alone, including CarousHELL 2 2021 – our review), Shriekshow (2022 – our review), 13 Slays Till X-Mas (2020 – our review) and the upcoming My Girlfriend The …

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Summer Camp Horror ‘Tin Roof’ In Development From ‘Happy Death Day’s’ Rob Mello and ‘The Embalmers’ Rebecca Rinehart

Tin Roof

There’s truth behind every legend… We have some exciting news for those who love horror especially indie horror! Actor/writer Rob Mello (Happy Death Day) has teamed with producer/director/actor Rebecca Rinehart (CarousHELL the 2nd) on a brand new slasher film that takes fear back to the woods. Tin Roof is Rinehart’s …

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Aaron Mirtes’ ‘The Alpha Test’ (2020) Is Coming Soon!

Coming soon to DVD/Digital from writer/director Aaron Mirtes (Clowntergeist 2017) in the new film, The Alpha Test, which stars Wynn Reichert (Secretariat 2010), Brad Belemjian (American Hero 2019), Mack Bayda (Ouija Craft 2020), and Rae Hunt (Curse of the Nun 2019). The Alpha Test will be available on March 10, 2020. …

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