Rebecca Rinehart And Rob Mello’s ‘Tin Roof’ Begins Shooting Next Month

PopHorror contributor Rebecca Rinehart (our interview) has already made a name for herself in the indie horror community. She’s acted in 30 films alone, including CarousHELL 2 2021 – our review), Shriekshow (2022 – our review), 13 Slays Till X-Mas (2020 – our review) and the upcoming My Girlfriend The Serial Killer, and The True Tale of Ole Splitfoot Vs. The Lesbian Warrior Nuns Of The Great White North. She has even directed a short for 2020’s Frightvision and had her directorial feature debut with The Embalmers (2021 – our review)! We’ve already talked about her sophomoric project, a slasher known as Tin Roof, along with her partner in crime and in life, Rob Mello (The Embalmers, Happy Death Day franchise, 1883 TV series). We here at PH are excited to announce that the film will begin shooting next month!


Five adults attempt to save a beloved summer camp threatened to be closed permanently due to recent unfortunate events.

We’ve also got the latest movie poster.

As of this writing, Tin Roof is scheduled to start shooting between June 19-25, 2022, in central Indiana. The film will be directed by Rebecca Rinehart from a script written by Rob Mello. The cast includes Helen Udy (My Bloody Valentine 1981 – our retro review), Bonehill Road’s Joe Castro (our interview), Jonni Shandor (our interview), Heather Harlow, Amanda Winston (Evil Lurks 2022), and Rae Hunt (The Alpha Test 2020).

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