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What’s New in Horror for August 2017

Is it August already? This summer is just flying by. Between the heat, the bugs and the fact that Halloween is still months away, summertime can make even the most hardcore horror fan wilt. But don’t despair! August may be hot, but that only means that there’s some hot new …

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Lost And Found: Horror’s Best Found Footage Films!

Fimmakers have been creating a huge amount of found footage horror films in recent years. What makes this sub-genre so popular? Ridley Scott’s new found footage horror, Phoenix Forgotten, is now officially in theaters. If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out the trailer below!  In honor of the …

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Ridley Scott’s ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ Trailer Has Been Released!

Ridley Scott is one name that the horror community recognizes instantly. Although he’s known for making films with a sci-fi slant, Scott has always had a knack for incorporating terrifying atmospheres and outrageous antagonists. The man behind Alien, Blade Runner and The Martian is now teaming up with Cinelou Films and …

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