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Christmas Horror: ‘NUTCRACKER MASSACRE’ (2022) Is Streaming Now!


Nutcrackers have always been creepy, amirite? I’m surprised it’s taken this long to turn a nutcracker murderous on film. But better late than never, right? I’m talking about NUTCRACKER MASSACRE (2022), an all-new, Christmas horror film, featuring a killer cracker of nuts…possessed by a long-dead German soldier? What now? Check …

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Retro Review For The 1991 Thriller ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’

Remember Sleeping With the Enemy, the 1991 film with Julia Roberts faking her own death to try and escape from her abusive husband, played by Patrick Bergin? If the description isn’t really ringing a bell, then PopHorror is going to give you three reasons why you should give this film a rewatch. Here are the top …

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