Retro Review For The 1991 Thriller ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’

Remember Sleeping With the Enemy, the 1991 film with Julia Roberts faking her own death to try and escape from her abusive husband, played by Patrick Bergin? If the description isn’t really ringing a bell, then PopHorror is going to give you three reasons why you should give this film a rewatch. Here are the top 3 reasons to watch Sleeping With The Enemy!

*Warning Spoilers*

 1) The Plot

The story line in Sleeping With the Enemy is simple but brilliant. It focuses on a young women named Laura Burney who wants to escape from her abusive and controlling husband, Martin. In order to get away from him, Laura fakes her own death and goes on the run. As she slowly starts to put her life together again and meets a drama teacher named Ben (Kevin Anderson), her past comes back to haunt her. Watch the film to find out more.


2) The Acting

The acting is superb in this film. Julia Roberts is as brilliant as ever in this movie. She really makes the audience really feel for her character. Not only is she able to make Laura seem very sad, lonely, and vulnerable, she also has a way of making her character feel empowered. Patrick Bergin is also great. He really makes you hate and despise him. Kevin Anderson is very sweet and caring and is probably on of my favorite characters in the film. He is even able to add a bit of comedy.

3) It’s A Classic

I consider Sleeping With the Enemy a classic because I never get sick of it. I’ve probably seen the movie a hundred times and I still love every minute of it. I personally don’t really know of any movies like this. The only one that comes close is the film Enough, but I still like Sleeping With The Enemy more.

Fun Facts:

The carnival that Ben takes Sarah to is named after the film’s construction coordinator. It is called Claude Powell’s Super Carnival.

This was the film that ended Home Alone’s 11-week run at the top of the box office.

Laura’s new name is a symbol of her past. The name Sarah means “princess,” which is something her husband used to call her. Also, the last name, Waters, is reminiscent of her fake drowning.

The lead role was originally written with Jane Fonda in mind.

Kim Basinger was originally connected to the lead role. She ended up turning it down because she didn’t think it was a good fit.

And finally, the city where some of the filming took place did not like Julia Roberts. Abbeville, South Carolina residents were quite upset after Roberts said that she hated the city due to racism.

So, are you hunting down your copy of Sleeping With the Enemy yet?

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