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Review: ‘Fredheads The Documentary’ (2021) A Love Letter To Fans of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’


I’ve been a long-life horror fan and it all began with A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Yes, I’m a diehard Fredhead and I’m damn proud of it. My mom first introduced me to horror and ANOES around the age of 5 and I’ve never looked back. It’s always been …

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No Budget Nightmare: Jay Woelfel’s ‘Beyond Dream’s Door’ (1989) Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Review

The homemade aesthetic of no budget indie horror flicks has long had an appeal to me. They have a different flavor from their more polished and conventionally made brethren. I also love seeing my longtime home of Columbus, Ohio, onscreen since it doesn’t happen very often. I’m sure most American …

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Horror Short ‘Ouroboros’ (2018) Review: A Waking Nightmare

Have you ever experienced an uncontrollable surge of fear and panic from which you cannot find relief? A nightmare from which you cannot wake? A horror film you’re forced to experience on repeat without a pause option? Several years ago, this was my reality… a living Hell far scarier than …

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‘Gore Shriek’ Comics Volume 1 Review, Issues #1 – 6.5

It was way back in 1986 when the unsuspecting public saw the release of this iconic black and white horror comic. Published by Thomas Skulan of FantaCo Enterprises, Gore Shriek is one of the original and more visceral gore comics that found a cult following in that era three decades ago, …

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