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‘CRITTERS 2’ (1988) Serves Up More than ‘The Main Course’ – 35 Years Later

Critters 2

Fun Fact: Not Just Slang for Nethers, Tehachapi is Also a Town! 35 years ago the sequel to Critters was released. Critters 2: The Main Course, is one of those sequels I list as ‘just as good if not better than the original’. It was Mick Garris’s directorial debut and …

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Coming Soon to Blu-ray: Thai Monster Movie Thriller ‘THE LAKE’ (2022)

The Lake

Coming soon to DVD from Epic Pictures and directors Lee Thongkham (The Maid) and Aquig Xu is an exciting new horror/thriller: The Lake. The film stars Lamyai Haithongkham (Jao Sao Yeun Neung), Sushar Manaying (Switch On), and Teerapat Satjakul (Thirteen Lives). The Lake (2022) Synopsis A gigantic and bloodthirsty monster …

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John Carpenter’s ‘THE THING’ (1982) Returning To Theaters

The Thing (1982)

Many consider John Carpenter’s THE THING (1982) to be one of the greatest horror films of all time. It’s my favorite. It’s Seth’s favorite, too (read his tribute here)! The film turns 40 years old this month, if you can believe it? The film’s age means a lot of us, …

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A ‘Nailbiter’ Sequel Is Now In Pre-Production


Award-winning filmmaker Patrick Rea (Nailbiter, Belong To Us) sends word he has begun pre-production on a sequel to the 2013 horror film Nailbiter! The second chapter is tentatively titled Nailbiter: The Storm Children. If you haven’t seen the original, it is currently streaming on Itunes, VUDU, Google Play and Amazon …

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New ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ (2019) Trailer Unleashed!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

My biggest complaint about Godzilla (2014)? Not enough Godzilla, of course! Bryan Cranston is great, but sadly, even he didn’t have the cinematic moxie to save that snooze-fest. It did have some great moments, though. Enough to leave me (and audiences everywhere) wanting more. The upcoming sequel, Godzilla: King of …

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‘It Came From The Desert!’ Is Heading To VOD

It Came From The Desert

Giant ant technology has come a long way since Them! (1954) and even Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989). Want proof? Check out Raven Banner Entertainment‘s latest giant ant film, It Came From The Desert! Giant ants run wild, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting teens and townsf0lk in this upcoming fun, action-thriller, …

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New ‘Rampage’ Trailer Takes The Action To 11!


I grew up playing Rampage in the arcade. I don’t know how many quarters that game has taken from me over the years. Now, in 2018, Rampage is back. This time as a live action feature film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. What can I say? Take (more of) my …

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Colossal (2016) Movie Review

I’ve been a huge fan of giant monster movies for as long as I can remember. I’ve also been a fan of Anne Hathaway since I saw her in The Princess Diaries when I was growing up (don’t laugh!). Imagine my surprise when I first heard Anne Hathaway was going …

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‘Reptilicus’ (1961): The Only Danish-American Giant Monster Movie


Not only is Reptilicus an early 1960’s Danish-American giant monster movie, it’s apparently the only Danish giant monster movie. How does it hold up? To start with, my first exposure to Reptilicus was through the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival of April 2017. As one might expect, the new guys …

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I’m Not A Serial Killer (2016) – A Morbid Monster Movie Review

I’ll admit, I’m not usually a big fan of monster flicks. Going into I’m Not A Serial Killer, I was expecting a clichéd killer mentor and killer pupal type of film. But, I’m Not A Serial Killer deceived me into watching a monster flick. Luckily for me, it was a …

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