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WiHM 2019 – Artist Feature: Interview With Glizzette Ojeda

Over the past few years, I’ve made social media connections with artists from around the world. For someone who enjoys the therapeutic practice of doodling to release stress, I admire those who have the raw talent of the craft, primarily those who encourage others to follow through to their own …

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10 Great Makeup Effects And Illusions For Any Time of Year!

special effects makeup

Halloween makeup is only for Halloween? Nope! Try these 10 great makeup illusions any time! In no particular order… 10. Ripped/Torn Skin Facial Injury SFX Makeup Tutorial Not only is this helpful as a quick makeup idea, but it’s great for those who are allergic to latex. Chloe Morello knows …

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Jacquie Lantern Terrifies Horror Fans In Her Pennywise Makeup!

Makeup artist Jacquie Lantern is one of the hottest up and comers in the world of make up and special effects. Having been featured on Crypt TV, she continues to push her skills to the max. Whenever a major horror film comes out, Jacquie challenges herself to recreate something incredibly …

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PopHorror Interviews Haylee Detroit, Creator of Coven FX

It’s Women in Horror Month and we’re trying to acknowledge as many talented ladies in the industry as possible. Recently, we were introduced to Haylee Detroit, a dedicated and talented FX artist who has created her own company called Coven FX, a team of women who specialize in makeup and special …

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Something is Brewing Over at Coven FX – Women in Horror: Specializing in Makeup and Special Effects

coven fx

In honor of Women in Horror Month, we are extremely excited to introduce a new all women based company called Coven FX! Such a wonderful group of ladies who are brewing up a storm and are a great addition to the horror community. Can talent like this be real or …

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