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First Person, Lovecraftian Horror Game ‘The Shore’ Available Now

The Shore

Looking for something to do in quarantine? How about checking out a Lovecraftian horror video game on Steam? THE SHORE is a first person, story driven game with an atmospheric environment and narrations. Encounter mysterious creatures and unravel the secrets behind them. Can you survive an unknown world that will …

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Official Trailer and Release Date for Dread’s ‘Sacrifice’ Starring Barbara Crampton


If you need to look forward to something in 2021, we highly recommend checking out the official trailer and poster for DREAD’s new Lovecraftian horror film, Sacrifice. It was written and directed by Andy Collier and Tor Mian and stars Barbara Crampton (check out our interview with her – HERE), …

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Genre Veteran Chad Ferrin Goes Under the Sea with Lovecraftian Tale ‘The Deep Ones’

The Deep Ones

Independent horror filmmaker Chad Ferrin (Parasites, The Ghouls, Someone’s Knocking at the Door) has debuted the first photos from his eighth film The Deep Ones, a Lovecraftian take on Rosemary’s Baby. Check them out down below! Synopsis for The Deep Ones  After suffering an untimely loss, Alex (La Piana) and …

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Interview with Richard Stanley for His New Lovecraftian Film ‘Color Out of Space’

After many moons of not having the visionary Richard Stanley sit in the Director’s Chair for a feature film, the Universe (and SpectreVision) has heeded to so many of our cries. Stepping back into the limelight and delivering one of his passion projects, Stanley presents a dazzling cinematic rendering of …

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‘Ugly Little Things’ by Todd Keisling – Book Review

For brief moments earlier this year, I caught some of the social media regarding Todd Keisling and his contribution to the Lovecraftian King in Yellow mythos in the form of The Final Reconciliation. Being somewhat a scholar myself on all things esoteric, the front cover of the book and the …

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PopHorror Interviews Spoken Arts Label, Cadabra Records

As a record collector and a fan of horror and weird fiction, it’s always great when my two passions can collide. Cadabra Records is blending the best horror/Lovecraftian literature with vinyl to create a pairing that I’m a massive fan of. I recently spoke with Jonathan from Cadabra Records about the label along with …

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The Void (2017) Movie Review

There is a hell. This is worse. Right from the tagline of the poster, you know you are in for something special with The Void. Written and directed by Astron 6’s Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, this dark, supernatural tale tells a story of Lovecraftian proportions. Released on April 7th, …

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) – Movie Review

We all know we got excited over the trailer of The Autopsy of Jane Doe, no doubt gracing it with reverence like it was the Second Coming. I can’t blame you: the trailer is a masterpiece in and of itself. But does the film live up to expectations?  A bizarre …

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Top Ten Horror Films Of The 1990s

The 1990s were a happening time for me. I was born in ’91, which is a pretty big milestone in my life, and I started watching horror movies shortly after. The films that I watched in those earliest years of my life really shaped my taste in movies, and I’m …

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