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House of Whores (2015) Movie Review

A couple years ago, I found out a friend of mine starred in an indie horror film called House of Whores, which I promptly purchased. I’ve started the film several times but never managed to finish it. I figured since I will be reviewing the latest sequel of the film …

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Interview with Indie Horror Actress Nikki Strange

Awhile back, I bought a copy of HM&M Films House of Whores because a friend of mine was in it. That was the first time I had seen a film featuring one of my current favorite indie horror actresses Nikki Strange. I recently got the chance to chat with her and we …

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Blood Moon River (2017) Movie Review

I have been a fan of Daniel Murphy and Tom Komisar’s HM&M Films for about a year or so now, ever since I found out a friend of mine was in their killer clown home invasion film, House of Whores. This a film I still have a hard time watching all …

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