A Chat With Sebastian Amoruso And Brianne Tju, Stars Of Amazon’s ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

If you know me, then you know I fucking love teen slashers, especially those from the 90s. One of my favorite slice-and-dice horror flicks that falls into this is the 1997 gem, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Based off a 1973 Lois Duncan novel of the same name, the film version is cheesy goodness that I’m actually watching right now as I type this up (like the new series—which is definitely NOT cheesy—the movie is also on Amazon Prime). For the release of the new show based on both the book and movie, I chatted with the stars of the Amazon Prime production, Sebastian Amoruso and Brianne Tju, about filming in Hawaii and scary movies.

PopHorror: What intrigued you about the role and made you want to be a part of the show?

Brianne Tju: When I read the script and the sides for the audition, I was really blown away by how interesting these characters are and how interesting Margo is, because from your first impression of Margo, you might think she’s the typical stereotype popular rich mean girl. But she has so much depth and so many layers to her. I felt like it was an opportunity to shine a light on someone that we all know or can identify from other content, but then break that boundary and create something interesting.

PopHorror: She does have a lot of depth.

Sebastian Amoruso: She does, yeah. I also thought Margo was just such an interesting character, honestly. And that’s what attracted me to Johnny. Nah, I’m just kidding. I think there’s this heart of gold thing he’s got going on, which is cool. And I think he has this sense of innocence about him, which I feel like I personally lost. Maybe it’s an emotional thing, but maybe re-exploring that sense of myself through this character. It felt like it could be kind of cool. I don’t know.

Brianne Tju: Johnny’s so pure. That’s the perfect way to describe him. He’s so pure.

Sebastian Amoruso: Well, thank you.

PopHorror: The show is a ton of fun, and I’m sure it was just as much fun to make. What was your favorite part of filming?

Brianne Tju: I mean, we’re in Hawaii! It’s so beautiful.

Sebastian Amoruso: It was just great being on set, honestly, it was surreal. It felt like the whole island was a set. It seriously feels like a fantasy place.

Brianne Tju: I felt like we were on the set of Jurassic Park and any moment if you pulled the wrong lever, all the mountains would fall down and you would be like, “Oh, this isn’t real life.” But what was so incredible is that it was real. The beautiful scenery creates this great juxtaposition with the darkness of the show. And in itself, the location is its own character.

PopHorror: Yes, it is. Were you either of you horror fans before making the show?

Brianne Tju: Yes! Were you, Sebastian?

Sebastian Amoruso: I mean, listen. I have seen horror movies, okay?

Brianne Tju: He’s a scaredy cat!

Sebastian Amoruso: I’m not good with horror stuff. I get in my head, and I’m like, “I’m not scared.” And then, I’m not enjoying it. I don’t know. I’ve got to ease myself into it. With that being said, there are a few horror films that really get me on a deeper level, so it just depends.

Brianne Tju: I’m a big fan of horror. I’m a big fan of psychological horror, but I also really love the ’90s, almost campy horror like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. Those are just so fun, and you can laugh during the horror movie, which is great.

Sebastian Amoruso: Brianne, she’s much more courageous than me, I think, as an individual.

Brianne Tju: That’s not true!


Thank you so much, Sebastian and Brianne, for taking the time to speak with us. You can catch I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon Prime now!

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