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Practical Dino FX In Andrew Jones’ ‘Jurassic Predator’

In the upcoming sci-fi horror film, Jurassic Predator, John Hammond-like scientists create real, living dinosaurs. Of course, they couldn’t make stegosaurus or something simple, right? No, they had to jump right to T-Rex. Will these scientists ever learn? Wait, did somebody say practical dinosaur effects? Sign me up! Also called Primeval …

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White Goods (2018) Film Review

U.K. indie filmmaking madman Bazz Hancher delivers his latest tale of dark depravity and sick twisted humor in White Goods, making a departure from his previous efforts, Films From A Broken Mind and Blast From The Past, which were both anthologies. Blast From The Past was a collection of Bazz’s earliest …

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Check out the Trailer for the Troma Feature Musical ‘Spidarlings’

The next Troma distribution is coming your way this summer! Do you love cheesy horror? Do you love musicals? If so, this one is for you! Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release called Spidarligs. Check out the trailer down below! Spidarlings is a labor of love and madness which has …

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