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Matthew Packman’s ‘Morbid Colors’ Comes to Physical and Streaming Media in December

Morbid Colors is one of my favorite types of vampire films, the kind where hunters that are either slayers or infected hit the road to try to find the bloodsucker that either killed their family or bit them or someone they love. PopHorror covered it back in February (read the …

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Movie Review: ‘Morbid Colors’ (2020) is a Morbidly Beautiful and Heartbreaking Tale of Sisterhood

Kara Gray as Myca in Morbid Colors

Morbid Colors is a horror-thriller that I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into and I finally did. This film was written and directed by Matthew Packman (MARGO) and co-executive produced by stars Kara Gray (PAYTON’S BURDEN) and Lanae Hyneman. Alongside them stars Angela Fisher, Emily Durchholz, Sidney Shripka, Jonathon …

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Interview with the Stars of ‘Morbid Colors’: Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman

Kara Gray & Lanae Hyneman - morbid colors

One of my most anticipated indie films this year is Matthew Packman’s, Morbid Colors. I’ve been promoting it since day once and it just looks phenomenal. I was happy to interview Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman, the stars of the film, ahead of its Fall release. Synopsis for Morbid Colors …

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New Trailer for Matthew Packman’s ‘Morbid Colors’

Morbid Colors

Check out the new trailer for Morbid Colors! We’re loving it and think everyone else will too. This film has such a great cast and crew and we can’t wait to review it. This awesome new film was written and directed by Matthew Packman (Margo 2016) and co-executive produced by Kara …

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Interview with Chase Dudley: From Racial Tension to Tackling Beasts

Captivated by films from a very young age, Chase Dudley stumbled into discovering his preferred role as a director while creating short films during his high school years. He has has since followed his passion, directing a few full features including Payton’s Burden and Marvelous Mandy. I recently had the …

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