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A Bed and Bucket on Barbary – ‘BARBARIAN’ Most Beloved of 2022

2022 was another great year for horror titles, so it wasn’t easy when I had to pick just one. However, one film that I couldn’t stop talking about as soon as the credits rolled was Zack Cregger’s (Whitest kids you know, Wrecked) Barbarian.  The Setup Right away we meet Young …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ’28 WEEKS LATER’ (2007)

28 Weeks Later

Zombies have always been one of my biggest fears. I feel like it’s such a possible reality for humans in this day and age. Especially given how advanced our science is. I think it’s totally believable to think that our government could be doing experiments to make an undead army. …

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Found Footage Possession Film ‘8ight After’ (2020) is Nightmare Fuel – Movie Review

“From acclaimed filmmaker/editor Vince Rocca (The Ghostmaker) comes the unholy hybrid of Modern Family and Paranormal Activity that blends family drama, unspeakable horrors, and undying love with a mix of social media into a pulse-pounding supernatural mystery.” I loved everything about 8ight After and it’s one of the best made …

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‘Annabelle Comes Home’ (2019) Movie Review


For die hard horror fans, we all know her name and can agree that Annabelle is one of the creepiest dolls of all time. Each time I see the original Annabelle doll, you know: that huge red haired doll… I shiver a little bit. Even when I was watching an …

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The Sound of Silence: Why I Love ‘A Quiet Place’

Earth has now become home to hungry creatures with incredible hearing. These creatures are attracted to anything with a heartbeat that dares to make a sound. This is John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, which he directed, wrote and starred in. He plays the father of a family in a world …

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