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Get Your Copy Of ‘A Scream in the Night’ A Chilling, All-Female Horror Anthology!

a scream in the night

Last Doorway Productions and Black Bed Sheet Books celebrate women in horror fiction by partnering to bring a chilling, all-female horror anthology,  A Scream in the Night! Horror Host Miss Misery (Reyna Young) has brought together 13 stories bound to elicit the piercing shrieks women in cinema are known for. …

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‘Dolly Deadly 1.5’ (2020) Short Film Review

Dolly Deadly is one of the first films I ever reviewed, way back when I was writing on Medium. Since then, I have had the chance to interview Dolly Deadly director Heidi Moore as well as break the news on the musical sequel, Kill Dolly Kill, which is currently in …

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TruIndie: Your New Home For Indie Horror


If you know me and you’re a loyal follower of PopHorror, then you already know we are huge supporters of indie horror. With mainstream films, it’s like we continuously see bloated budgets with weak stories more often than not. With indie horror films, there’s something truly special and magical about …

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Interview With Julie Anne Prescott: An Undying Love for Indie Horror

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, I had a blast speaking with Julie Anne Prescott about her countless upcoming film projects and her love for indie horror. Discussing everything from her start as a spokesmodel for Troma Entertainment to the time she was an extra in Rock of Ages …

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Start Your New Year Right By Attending The Medusa Underground Film Festival

Medusa Underground Film Festival

Over the last year, I’ve become enamored with festivals and all they have to offer. One that’s recently caught my eye is Heidi Moore’s Medusa Underground Film Festival. This is a three day event in Las Vegas, Nevada. A festival made by filmmakers for filmmakers; showcasing strange and unusual films created …

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A Love Letter to Indie Horror Filmmakers: We Need More Horror Anthologies

I live and breathe indie horror. There’s just something so creatively raw and beautiful about it that makes my icy, black heart beat just a little bit faster. That’s why I enjoy supporting the genre in any way I can. I especially love horror anthologies. What’s better than getting to …

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Heidi Moore’s ‘Dolly Deadly 2’ To Be Produced by Troma!

Awhile back it was revealed that Heidi Moore and the guys at HM&M Entertainment were teaming up to make Dolly Deadly 2, a rock musical sequel to Moore’s 2016 feature film debut Dolly Deadly. Today, a huge bit of Dolly Deadly 2 news was revealed. Check out the trailer to …

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