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‘War Of The Worlds’ (2005): David Koepp’s Best Kept Secret – Retro Review

The 2005 version of War Of The Worlds was met with mixed results. However, like fine wine, the film gets better with age. David Koepp wrote the screenplay for legendary director Steven Spielberg. Koepp is probably best known for the Kevin Bacon thriller, Stir of Echoes (1999 – read our …

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Invisible Man Thriller ‘The Unseen’ Heads To DVD and VOD!

The Unseen is an invisible man film that premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival this past summer. After a successful festival run, the film is now heading to DVD and Digital through the U.S. film distributor, Monarch Home Entertainment. Check out the trailer below, and then read on for all …

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Tales of Frankenstein (2018 Film Review): A Classic Monster Throwback Anthology

There are few iconic images in horror history as recognizable as Frankenstein’s monster, a creature originating from the 19th century English novelist, Mary Shelley, in her allegory story, Frankenstein. Shelley’s work captured horrific beauty immortalizing a misunderstood monster that has gone on to see countless inspirational onscreen variations throughout time. …

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