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Interview: Steve Merlo, Writer And Director Of The TCM Fan Film, ‘The Sawyer Massacre’

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the character of Leatherface have become titans in the genre since their inception in 1974. The small-budgeted movie made in the heart of the Lone Star State continues to earn fans as new generations discover its greatness. It’s surprising, that despite the popularity of …

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‘JASON RISING’ Fan Film Premieres Friday, August 13th!

Jason Rising

Friday the 13th is my favorite, unofficial National holiday. Every time one comes around (which isn’t often enough), I find myself Jonesing to watch Jason Voorhees (or his mother) wreak havoc on unsuspecting, pot smoking, horny camp counselors. The only problem? I’ve seen all the Friday films dozens, maybe hundreds …

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Interview With Hannah Fierman, Director Of ‘Events Surrounding A Peeping Tom’

Recently news dropped that Hannah Fierman, star of V/H/S, Siren, and The Unwanted, will be directing a feature called Events Surrounding A Peeping Tom. We sat down recently for an interview and discussed the film, her fondness for horror, and Legend of Zelda fan films, among other things! PopHorror: Like …

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‘Friday The 13th: Vengeance’ (2019) Full Movie Now Available

Friday the 13th: Vengeance

The Friday the 13th franchise is currently embroiled in a bitter legal battle over film, title, and character rights. That skirmish has caused a complete shutdown to all things F13 related, including video games, merchandise, and, saddest of all, television properties and feature films. What’s one thing you can’t shut …

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