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PopHorror Interviews Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi

Genoveva Rossi is a well-known actress who has been working in the horror genre for several years. She has spent most of her career playing gypsies, witches, fortune tellers, Satanists, and soldiers. She is also an accomplished writer and her work can be found in UKHorrorscene.com and Digital Dead magazine. Recently Genoveva …

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Hostel Part 2 Turns 10! – Retro Review

Na Zdorivie! In 2005, director Eli Roth started the torture porn craze with his extreme horror film, Hostel. Two years later, he gave us a sequel that had more laughs, and a lot more creative kills! June 8th marks the 10 year anniversary for Hostel: Part 2!  (Synopsis provided by …

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