‘Machine Baby’ (2017): Delightfully Demented

The more I watch horror shorts, the more appreciation I gain for them. It’s amazing that such a short tale can deliver such a powerful message. The new short Machine Baby is one of those ones that left me speechless.

Machine Baby

Machine Baby is an award-winning short written and directed by Sean Richard Budde. The film stars Sean McGill, Allie Long, and Christian Gray. It recently screened at Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, OH, as well as GenreBlast Film Festival in Winchester, VA.

Official Synopsis:

A struggling paparazzo gets pulled into a mad pageant manager’s plot to win Miss America while trying to break the story.

Machine Baby is just a little over 10 minutes but delivers a brilliant horror story that will shock you and leave you speechless.

When I first started watching it, I didn’t know for sure what was going on, because everything happens quickly. It doesn’t take long for the madness to unfold. I was left pleasantly surprised by the turn of events and cringe-worthy moments.

All of the performances were awesome, but I especially loved Christian Gray’s character. He played mentally deranged perfectly. I also love how Sean McGill’s character put up a fight despite the circumstances he was facing. Allie Long was simply brilliant… and a wee bit frightening.

Final Thoughts on Machine Baby:

This is a delightfully fun, demented horror short. It will shock you with its killer twist. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. You can do so by clicking – here.



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