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Lucio A. Rojas’ Latest Film, ‘Trauma’ (2017), Will Leave Many Traumatized – Movie Review


Extreme horror is home to the some of the most violent, bloodiest, and controversial films out there. They tend to pack an unprecedented punch to the viewers gut, burning into the memory, leaving a lasting impression. Writer/Director Lucio A. Rojas’ (Perfidy 2014) latest film, Trauma, is no exception to this …

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Lucio Rojas’ ‘Trauma’ (2017) Film Review

From Chile comes Trauma, one of the most controversial films I’ve had the pleasure of viewing, although not everyone will share this opinion, I’m sure. Right up there with A Serbian Film, Trauma breeds the same kind of discontent for the country’s political regime.  Straight out of The Optical Theater Festival, Trauma …

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