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Review: ‘Fredheads The Documentary’ (2021) A Love Letter To Fans of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’


I’ve been a long-life horror fan and it all began with A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Yes, I’m a diehard Fredhead and I’m damn proud of it. My mom first introduced me to horror and ANOES around the age of 5 and I’ve never looked back. It’s always been …

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Paige Troxell’s Horror Short, ‘Ad.Her.Ent’ (2019), Is Uncomfortably Realistic – Movie Review


Obsession. Delusion. Infatuation. I see it every day on social media. A fan whose love for a celebrity has gone too far. Their “support” goes beyond sharing their posts, buying their movies, and donating to their latest IndieGoGo. They start to feel like that they’re special. A one of a …

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