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Movie Review: ‘Daughter of the Wolf’ (2019)

I’ve seen this episode of MacGyver before. It’s the one where he’s minding his own business in the ambiguously Canadian woods until some ne’er-do-wells drag him into a scheme involving duffel bags of ransom money and broken home melodrama. That week’s character actor really made a meal out of playing …

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Coming Soon To Theaters And VOD: ‘Daughter Of The Wolf’ Starring Richard Dreyfuss

Daughter Of The Wolf is the new action thriller set to hit theaters and VOD soon from Director David Hackl (Saw V 2008). The film stars Gina Carano (Deadpool 2016), Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws 1975), Brendan Fehr (Final Destination 2000 – read our retro review here), Sydelle Noel (Black Panther 2018), …

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