Why Horror Fans Are Not Actually Bloodthirsty Psychos

This subject has been on my mind ever since I’ve become a part of the horror community. Recently I read an article by a woman who became a person of interest in a criminal investigation and was almost arrested based on her love of horror. Seriously?!?  

Jennica Lynn, horror movie fan accused by police of animal cruelty

After reading her story, I wanted to finally set the record straight for those who question our sanity based on our love of the macabre. “People who love horror films are sick and need psychological help!” This is one of many quotes I’ve heard from people who simply don’t understand why horror is so intriguing. I want to show non-horror fans why being a horror lover isn’t such a bad thing.

Of course, this is entirely my own opinion. I don’t think or speak for all horror fans. This rant is merely based on my views on the subject and hopefully, puts things into perspective about us and our passion.

Horror films turn people into serial killers

This is a silly accusation. I’m certainly not saying every horror fan is innocent. I am saying that movies are not responsible for our actions. Music doesn’t make people violent, video games don’t make people violent, and movies don’t make people violent. At the end of the day, if someone does something horrible in their lives, that’s their own damn choice. Let’s stop blaming other things for our own actions.

Now, when it comes to death, horror fans – myself included – love a creative and gory death scene. But that doesn’t make us run out and recreate the whole thing the second the credits roll. Know why? Because horror movie death scenes are fake! We are admiring a makeup artist’s hard work or an actor’s superb acting skills. It doesn’t matter how realistic all of these kill scenes are. It’s still all fake, and no one knows that fact better than horror fans themselves.

Most of us would never cross the line into watching real death and snuff films. Despite our chosen movie genre, a huge percentage of horror fans are happy, friendly people with families and pets that we love. If we saw a person dying right in front of us, we wouldn’t grab popcorn and just watch them die. Horror fans don’t dream at night that they get to experience a real life death. We are still human! We still have a level of decency and respectability, and sanity. We just admire the creativity and artistry that horror films offer.

When it comes to violence in the horror community, that’s almost nonexistent. Since I’ve joined the horror community, I’ve met some of the nicest, most passionate people. The horror community is a pretty awesome place, filled with people with the same interests. Are all action movie fans buff adrenaline junkies? Do all rom-com watchers have perfect yet quirky relationships? Think about it.

Horror fans are Satanists

No, not all horror fans are satanists, and not all satanists are horror fans. These two aren’t linked! I’ve met horror fans that are Christians, atheists, even Muslims. A person’s religious belief and personal entertainment interests are not the same. I’ll say it again – A PERSON’S RELIGIOUS BELIEF AND PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT INTERESTS ARE NOT THE SAME!!

That woman’s story broke my heart, and I hope she’s doing better since that experience. Horror fans, if anyone treats you the way this woman was treated simply because of your love of horror, show this message to that person so they and everyone else can finally understand what being a horror fan is all about! 

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I basically grew up watching horror films and spooky things. I watched my first horror film when I was 4 years old. I've wanted to be a writer ever since I've read Stephen King books in middle school. I love writing and talking about my favorite genre. I hope to one day be successful in screenwriting and filmmaking. Everything horror, of course!

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