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Flay (2017) – A Slenderman Film Review

Part Native American curse film, part Slenderman horrorfest, Eric Pham’s Flay is a terrific new entry into the horror scene. After the unexplained death of her troubled mother, estranged daughter Moon Crane (Elle LaMont: From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) returns home to the small town she grew up in. …

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Black Magic Woman: Review of ‘The Black Magic’ (2002)

Marc-Ivan O’Gorman’s film The Black Magic (2002) serves up a curse from a vengeful Asian spirit upon three obnoxious, stereotypical, frat boy characters.  You can probably guess the plot already, but I’ll spill a few details anyway. As mentioned, there are three pretty boy fraternity types on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. …

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