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Interview With Titanic Creations’ Mac McClintock

Pophorror had the pleasure of interviewing Mac McClintock of Titanic Creations, who are committed to bringing an affordable range of original and licensed Kaiju collectible figures. The figures, lead by the star Kaiju, Titanicus are supported by graphic novels that tell their stories and build their world. PopHorror: Obviously you’re …

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Stephen Graham Jones’s ‘EARTHDIVERS’ Issue #1 Available Now From IDW


Love comics? Historical fiction? How about bestselling authors? Mix them all together and you’ve got Stephen Graham Jones’s EARTHDIVERS, from IDW! The first issue of the self-described “ongoing sci-fi slasher,” KILL COLUMBUS, is available now. Check it out! EARTHDIVERS Synopsis Stephen Graham Jones—New York Times bestselling author of The Only …

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Ablaze, Stefano Vietti And Marco Checchetto’s ‘Life Zero’: Issues 1-5 – Comic Book Review

A Fresh Bite out of the Zombie Apocalypse? Screenwriter Stefano Vietti has teamed up with Marco Checchetto, the artist of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, to bring the world of horror a new outlook on the zombie apocalypse through Ablaze Publishing. Their new comic, Life Zero, opens with scarce information or introductions …

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Short Film, ‘WEIGHT OF GUILT’ (2022) Is Long On Style – Movie Review

Weight of Guilt (2022)

Weight of Guilt is an all-new, animated short film from Justin Bourne Boring and Tracy Allen’s SameDamnBrain Productions. It’s a five-minute peek into the mind of a weary, human survivor and his faithful dog as they navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The vignette is the first incarnation of a larger story …

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ComiXology Holds ‘Locke & Key’ Sale As Netflix Debuts Season 2

Locke & Key

Got plans for the weekend? You may want to set aside some time to catch up on Netflix’s Locke & Key! Season 2 premieres Friday, October 22! In related news, ComiXology is having a big horror sale right now that ends soon, featuring the comics that inspired the series up …

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Humanoids Releases ‘LUGOSI: THE RISE AND FALL OF HOLLYWOOD’S DRACULA’ Graphic Novel Biography


Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but I’ve never seen a fully illustrated, biographical graphic novel before. This is so cool! I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to a Hollywood horror legend. I’m talking about the just-released  LUGOSI: THE RISE AND FALL OF HOLLYWOOD’S DRACULA from Humanoids. It …

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First look At Antarctic Press Comic: O.B.E.: OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE #1

O.B.E.: Out of Body Experience

Antarctic Press was kind enough to send along an exclusive first look for their new comic book O.B.E.: Out of Body Experience Issue #1. And since they were kind enough to share it with us, we’re going to share it with all of you! Check our this gorgeous artwork below, …

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Knives, Kinks, and Killers: Charles Forsman’s ‘Slasher’ – Graphic Novel Review

I just finished up my third reading of writer/artist Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, Slasher (Floating World Comics 2018), and I’m honestly not sure the narrative completely works. I’m also not sure I care, as it adds to the queasy disorientation of the piece. I can legitimately say it’s one of …

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‘Swamp Dogs’ Coming Soon From Scout Comics and Black Caravan

Swamp Dogs

Scout Comics and Black Caravan send word they’ve got a new deal in place to publish Swamp Dogs. This is a 5 issue mini-series they’re hoping to parlay into a flagship property. That includes spinoffs, merchandising, and the whole nine yards! Sound cool? It does to us, too! Read on …

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