Ablaze, Stefano Vietti And Marco Checchetto’s ‘Life Zero’: Issues 1-5 – Comic Book Review

A Fresh Bite out of the Zombie Apocalypse?

Screenwriter Stefano Vietti has teamed up with Marco Checchetto, the artist of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil, to bring the world of horror a new outlook on the zombie apocalypse through Ablaze Publishing. Their new comic, Life Zero, opens with scarce information or introductions but drops readers right into a chaotic reality where survivors are sitting prey for flesh-eating zombies. With the vague narrative and dialogue, countless questions begin to surface which enticed me with its ongoing mysteries. Immediately, we follow alongside a special operations team on their mission to break into a maximum security prison to rescue their captain.

Questions like “Who are these people?” “Why is their captain in prison?” and “How did the zombie outbreak happen!?” probed my thoughts as I flipped through the pages. Although some of my inquiries were immediately answered, others unfolded slowly throughout the duration of these first five issues. We soon find out that the captain had his own personal mission on his mind this whole time. Without giving away too much information, let me just say things go south dangerously fast, which tugged at some of my emotions harder than I thought it would.

A Bone to Pick

Vietti has created something, I would say, unique with Life Zero! When the zombie apocalypse subgenre comes to mind, the majority of fans resort to the classics like Night of the Living Dead or The Walking Dead. Although some crucial rules are still in play here, there are some pleasant surprises that have changed the playing field just a bit. Vietti’s new concepts on people dying and coming back to life has my mind bolting on the hamster wheel. His style of writing has become a new delight for me. He has ideally cut out any unnecessary fillers, ultimately creating a fast-paced and action-packed thrill ride. Along for this ride are very relatable characters who I believe make logical decisions under the given circumstances.

Lest we forget to mention Marco Checchetto’s pristine line work and fetching use of contrasting tones to magnify the target of attention. His artwork correlates the intensity and tenacity of this tale. Words can explain and tell the reader what is taking place but the illustrations lay down the foundation in Life Zero. The rugged atmosphere, explosive action sequences, and distinction between human and zombie is skillfully exemplified on these pages.

Final Thoughts

A recent addition to Ablaze, Life Zero nestles snuggly between the lines of the mantra of the publishing house, which, in summary, includes bringing quality to the forefront and giving creators a platform for their voices to be heard among a diverse audience. I know I’m not the only one with open arms, welcoming of new and innovative storytelling. Ironically, Life Zero has blown some breath of undeath back into an overly worked concept which awakened my appreciation for the zombie apocalypse once more. I look forward to upcoming releases and hope to continue sharing my thoughts on them with you. I hope this article has peeked your curiosity, and you’ll take a look for yourself. Check out Ablaze for more information and the range of exciting titles in their collection.

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