Ahockalypse hits like a slapshot to the face
Ahockalypse hits like a slapshot to the face!!

For Hilarious Zom-Com Hockey Hijinx, ‘Ahockalypse’ Kicks Some Serious Ice!!

Am I the only one that occasionally feels like we’re on critical overload with zombies these days? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Romero, and even though I think it’s getting a little tired, The Walking Dead still manages to be one of the most compelling hours on television. But every now and again, we need a little something new, something different, to breathe some new afterlife into the genre. Thankfully, that’s when films like Ahockalypse, the side-splitting new hockey zom-com from writer/director Wayne H. Johnson Jr., comes along to shake things up. This uproarious gut-buster hits like a slapshot to the face!!

Jonesy and his Prairie Kings on the run from zombies in Ahockalypse
Jonesy and his Prairie Kings on the run from zombies in ‘Ahockalypse’

Ahockalypse tells the story of Jonesy (Jesse Rennicke) and his team of madcap misfits, the Prairie Kings, defeating their arch-rivals, the Ice Cats, for the championship cup and securing their ice-capped immortality on the hockey rink. But their championship celebrations get cut a bit short when the zombie apocalypse begins, and all hell breaks loose all around them at their hotel. Forced to run and try to find a safe place, they decide the best course of action is head back to the arena, where they’ll be in their element and able to mount a hard-charging offense of their own. But standing between them and their goal is a hideous horde of killer zombies, as well as looters, and Jonesy’s ever-so-slightly possessive girlfriend, Jenny (Kaylee Williams). Will the whole team make it back to the arena in one piece?

Jenny wants Jonesy all for herself
Jenny wants Jonesy all for herself. Till death do us part just isn’t long enough!

This film is an absolute laugh riot! For silly, raunchy, hard-hitting hysterics, Ahockalypse shoots and scores! The film keeps a speed-skating, punchline-a-minute fast and furious pace for the full hour and 20 minute runtime, never lagging, dragging, or spending time in the penalty box. Probably the most hilarious pure zom-com I’ve seen since the much-beloved Zombieland, and that is high praise indeed. This is a pretty fresh-faced young cast, including Alex Galick, Squall Charlson, Gabrielle Arrowsmith, and Mason Hendricks. Most of these actors were new to me, but the characters are all fun and played their parts to absolute hysterical perfection.

Fast-rising indie queen Kaylee Williams should be a familiar face for horror fans, and she plays one of my favorite characters, Jonesy’s demanding love interest, quite convincingly. There are some inventive and creative zombie kills along the way, nothing terribly gory, but you’ll never forget you’re watching a zombie film. Ahockalypse might not have the polish of a big-budget blockbuster, but it makes up for it with pure puck chuckles and mayhem. The film also features tons of fun film references, cameos by hockey legends Barry Melrose and Kelly Chase, and an ass-kicking mascot that had to be a ninja in another life.

Poster art for Ahockalypse
Poster art for Ahockalypse

If you’re looking for nonstop laughter and fun, Ahockalypse delivers a full-blown hat trick that kicks some serious ice! You probably never realized how badly you needed a good hockey zombie comedy in your life, but this is definitely the one! You can catch it nationwide on VOD on Friday, August 17th, and DVD’s are available for pre-order here, coming soon from Sparrowhawk Pictures! So, what the puck are you waiting for? Get ready for the Ahockalypse right now!

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