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‘Body at Brighton Rock’ (2019) Movie Review

Body at Brighton Road

Ever since the trailer dropped for Body at Brighton Rock I’ve been interesting in checking it out. The premise was interesting and the stills looked terrifying. Let’s just say you’ll never catch me in the wilderness alone by choice. This film was written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin as well …

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‘The Wind’ (2019) Movie Review: An Unsettling Masterpiece

the wind

Every year IFC Midnight pushes out unique and brilliant horror films one after another. They continue to impress and their 2019 releases are exceptional thus far. This stands strong with their new supernatural western The Wind. This mysterious new horror story is the directorial debut of Emma Tammi. It is …

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Official Trailer for ‘Body At Brighton Rock’

Body At Brighton Rock

Magnolia Pictures has dropped the official trailer for Body At Brighton Rock and it looks awesome! Check out all the details for the film down below including the release date! This film is written and directed by Roxanne Benjamin as well as produced herself, Christopher Alender, and David A. Smith. …

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