Hungarian Filmmaker József Gallai Announces Sci-Fi Mystery Film, ‘Project Skyquake’

After watching the unforgettable film, I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – my review), earlier this year, I became immediately enamored by Hungarian Filmmaker József Gallai’s unique brand of storytelling. His out-of-the-box direction and character-centric narrative put him straight to the top of my favorite directors list. And now, just a few months later, I’ve gotten word from the man himself that another one of his films will release this year. The sci-fi mystery, Project Skyquake, takes the true, worldwide phenomena of skyquakes, weird, unexplainable noises coming from above, and turns them into something devious. Who knows? Maybe he’s right on the mark.

Check out the trailer for Project Skyquake below:

As of this writing, scientists have no idea what causes these sounds or where they come from. They have been described as sounding like the blare of a trumpet, a groaning metallic sound, an airplane engine, a loud rumbling, and even humming. If anything out there deserves its own horror story, it’s this mystery. And József Gallai is here to tell it.

Here’s what we know so far:

Project Skyquake’s synopsis:

After strange trumpet-like sounds in the sky have been reported at locations around the world, a wannabe journalist sets out to investigate with his best friend, but they soon find themselves facing an encounter with terrifying results.

Project skyquake, József Gallai
Still from ‘Project Skyquake’
Labeled as a drama, mystery, sci-fi, horror thriller, the film comes in at just over an hour at 72 minutes and originates from the director’s home country of Hungary as well as Norway, the UK and the US. We can expect to see Project Skyquake’s release in late 2022… at least, that’s the plan. As we all know, one little hiccup can throw things like this through a loop. According to IMDb, most of the script was improvised by the actors, although a basic storyline was established by Gallai. The film stars Laura Ellen Wilson (With Child 2021), Laura Saxon (I Hear The Trees Whispering 2022), Tom Sizemore (Natural Born Killersour retro review, Saving Private Ryan), Robert LaSardo (The Mule, Nightblade 2016 – our review), Hellraiser’s Simon Bamford (our interview) and Jon Vangdal Aamaas (I Hear the Trees Whispering). As if the story itself isn’t scary enough, the shooting in Hungary happened almost at the same time as Russia launching military attacks on Ukraine, and the bombs were going off only about a thousand kilometers from the filming locations.

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