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Horror Movies and the Escape of it All

Movies, no matter how groundbreaking or silly they may be, have always traded one thing to us in return for their immortality – the means of escape. Escape from reality. Escape from life. Escape from the world. Horror movies have come to be one of the most consistent suppliers of …

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Smack A Horror Icon With A Stick… Horror Pinatas Are Here!

Being a horror fan came sometimes be a lonely existence, especially if you’re the only one in your circle of friends who live the life. It’s not as bad as it used to be since the internet was born, and has since become a place of abundant creativity and shared …

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Cool Horror Christmas Gift Ideas On Amazon – Horror Icon Edition

It’s time to fill your blood red stockings with cheer and your ghoulish heart with glee… with some iconic horror swag! While I was shopping this year, I found some really cool Christmas gift ideas on Amazon and I just had to share. And since picking just one slasher or …

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How The Dead Got Their Groove Back: ‘Evil Dead II’ (1987) Turns 30

Evil Dead 2

Is Evil Dead II just another generic horror movie set in a cabin in the woods? Nope. The Evil Dead franchise is much bigger than that, and this film is no exception. While many retro reviews discuss how outdated the special effects are, this movie emphasizes how much better practical effects can be. Evil Dead …

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