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It’s Just a Game (2018) Movie Review

Growing up, there was one thing that truly terrified me, and that was Bloody Mary. When I was in first grade, a friend told me the story of Bloody Mary and about the game used to summon her, and to this day, I am still terrified of mirrors. So when …

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‘Match’ (2017) Horror Short Review

We watch a lot of different kinds of horror here at PopHorror. We get isolated, we watch loved ones get tortured and die, we get chased by mute, omnipresent psychos, we go insane and we watch the end of the world, all on a daily basis. However, it’s not every …

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New Trailer and News From LF Films’ Deimosimine!

It’s been years in the making, and LC Films’ Deimosimine¬†is still not out. So what’s the problem? According to director Chad Armstrong, what isn’t the problem? The team has suffered through a ton of delays, disagreements on creature designs and the recasting of the lead actress with only seven days …

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