Slime (2017) Short Film Review

As a huge fan of ’80s horror, I love practical effects. I recently heard of a short film, Slime, which was said to be chock full of practical effects and gore and I really wanted to see it. Recently, I saw a post on Facebook where one of the directors, Rob Ceus, was looking for people to review the film. I jumped at the chance. Read on to see what I thought of Slime.

Slime was directed by Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleen from a script by Rob Ceus based on an idea by Alex Wesley. The film stars Rob Ceus, Alex Wesley, Eddy Van de Putte, and Lieve Deneckere. The film follows a man who finds a meteorite that causes him to start rapidly melting.

What can I say about Slime? There isn’t a whole lot of plot here but there doesn’t need to be. This is a 8 minute short that delivers the gory goods. The film starts with a man discovering a meteorite in the woods. He proceeds to pick it up and finds his hands covered in green slime. For reasons unknown to this reviewer, he decides to put it in his jacket pocket and take it home. This leads to him becoming itchy, covered in oozing sores and eventually melting down to nothing, all in front of the audience’s eyes. The nasty effects are the highlight of the short and they look amazing. Kind of reminded me of the better moments from Street Trash.

Final Thoughts

Slime, while short on plot, delivers in the fun and features wonderfully gory practical effects. These are, by far, the short’s highlight. Definitely check it out if you get the chance!  

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