Unlock the Secrets of Time Travel in ‘Fate’ (2017): Movie Review

From Self Destruct Films comes Dan Sheldon’s Fate, a film that unlocks the secrets of the space time continuum. This Sci-Fi thriller is the first full-length feature for Sheldon (The Way It Melts, Missing Link) and looks at a key principle: if you had a time machine would you save the one you love at risk of destroying time itself?

As previously mentioned, Fate was written and directed by Dan Sheldon. The cast includes Daniel Bonjour, Anne Clare Lush, Marshal Hinton, Jerry Hoffman and Laura Shields.

Now, I am a big fan of Doctor Who which is pretty much time travel 101 but this is nothing like that. Main character Connor (Dan Bonjour) is a quantum physicist who is on the verge of cracking the code to time travel.

Official Synopsis:

After the government shuts down his project on time travel, a brilliant quantum physicist must find a way to continue his research in order to travel back in time and prevent his fiance from being killed.


The story is not too complicated. The concept of time travel has been explored through many types of media. It helps that it is something that is familiar to the audience. The science explained does not water down or make the film confusing. My main concern was that this was going to be heavy on the science and that it would bog down the film’s pace. The film focuses more on the journey of time travel and how the main character Connor faces the fact that he might not be able to save April (Anne Clare Lush) from being killed.

Another thing that I liked was the cinematography. The time machine itself was reminiscent of Doctor Who and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. The blue color pops off the screen and has an unearthly machine-like glow.


The acting is pretty bland and there are not really any actors that stand out in the film. It would have been good to see more interactions or flashbacks with April and Connor. There definitely needed to be something more to cement their relationship. Plus, Connor’s lab assistant could have been more flirty. The government agents roles were kind of cliche as well.

Overall, Fate was enjoyable and I’d recommend checking it out. The film is set to hit VOD August 15th. What do you think of the film? Let us know in the comments below!

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