SINISTER SUMMER SINEMA: A Delightfully Devilish Triple Thre- Uh, Feature!

Here we are again, dead set in the middle of a glorious sun filled summer. Barbecues are burning, kids are being loud, people are blowing stuff up… But what do we do at night? While some might take solace around a campfire, roasting a hot dog and enjoying a beer, the other half of us occasionally enjoy a good showing of some summer movies. While the films I am about to talk about have long since left the confines of the theaters, they have taken on new lives on places like YouTube. So here we are with our SINISTER SUMMER SINEMA, three golden oldies from that most depraved decade of the 20th century, the 1970s. Enjoy!

I Drink Your Blood (1970)

Coming out at the beginning of the decade, our first of three summer movies is I Drink Your Blood, a low budget thriller about a group of Satanic hippies that take refuge in an abandoned town, get on the wrong side of the locals, and eventually end up with a crazy case of rabies thanks to some little shit who is most likely destined to make diabetes commercials.

Like seriously, kid. What the fuck?

While this movie won’t immediately wow most audiences that are accustomed to big budget films of a similar standing, like The Crazies or 28 Days Later, it will entertain most with its absurd plot and entertaining characters. While it does take a minute to get off of the ground, I highly recommend sticking this one through, as the violence levels in it aren’t terrible… badly choreographed maybe, but definitely not terrible!

Someone farted off camera and this guy couldn’t help but laugh!

Again, while this movie is not for everyone, it did go on to inspire other movies, such as the aforementioned The  Crazies, directed by the king of zombie cinema, the late George Romero, as well as David Cronenberg’s Rabid.

Have I mentioned the absurdly low budget in this?

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