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Tim Kincaid’s ‘Mutant Hunt’ (1987) Vinegar Syndrome 4k Blu-ray Restoration

In my time spent working on screeners from Vinegar Syndrome, I’ve found that they never cease to impress me. While companies like Criterion focus on the preservation of “the film canon,” VinSyn will preserve lesser known works, many of which remind me of my dad’s assorted VHS collection he had …

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Ring In 2023 With SyFy’s ‘THE TWILIGHT ZONE’ New Year’s Marathon

The Twilight Zone

We love the “24 hours of A Christmas Story” television tradition. It’s great! But what’s better than that? The annual SyFy New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon, of course! SyFy continues the tradition New Year’s weekend for the 28th year in a row. As always, they’ve got a great lineup featuring …

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Happy Birthday To ‘The Pope Of Pop Cinema’ Roger Corman – Looking Back On The Over 7 Decades Of His Career

Roger Corman

If you search Roger Corman, you will find over 400 filmmaking credits to his name. The man is one of, if not the most, prolific film producers ever. He has earned such nicknames as The King of the Cult Film, The King of the Bs, and The Pope of Pop …

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Frolic Pictures Releases Huge Post Apocalyptic DVD Lineup

Frolic Grindhouse Double Features

Locked up? Social distancing? Bored out of your skull? Here’s Frolic Pictures to the rescue! They’re back with a truckload of all new double DVDs for your guilty viewing pleasure. This latest run features post apocalyptic B-movie gold, featuring lots of big name stars before they were famous. You’re going …

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Anthology Flashback #6: ‘The Outer Limits’ (1963–1965)

The Outer Limits

Perhaps encouraged by CBS’s success with The Twilight Zone, ABC launched The Outer Limits in 1963. Although it’s often overshadowed by Rod Serling’s version, it was successful enough to run for 2 seasons and is still considered an iconic sci-fi anthology series. Also, make no mistake about it: There are …

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Movie Review (2019): ‘To Your Last Death’ is a Surreal, Animated Nightmare

As a huge anime fan, I was excited to watch Jason Axinn’s new animated horror film To Your Last Death. The film starred the voices of Morena Baccarin (Deadpool), William Shatner (Star Trek), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), Bill Mosely (3 From Hell), Damien C. Haas (Unravelled), Dani Lennon (The Love …

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The 8th Annual Rhode Island Comic Con 2019 Was A Real Vacation

Between November 1-3, the Dunkin Donuts Center, Rhode Island Convention Center and Omni Providence Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island were hopping with excitement from Rhode Island Comic Con 2019. This was the event’s 8th year, and to celebrate, event holders Altered Reality Entertainment brought the Griswold family back together once …

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‘Halloween’ Producer Wants William Shatner For A Cameo

Halloween fans! We are on the home stretch. The waiting is almost over! Soon, it will be October, and we will get to see our favorite boogeyman on the big screen once again. I’ll let you in on a secret about Michael Myers’ iconic mask. Most people know that John …

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Kingdom of The Spiders (1977) Retro Review

Captain’s Log Stardate 422… wait, wrong franchise. Yes, believe or not William Shatner, AKA Captain Kirk from Star Trek, tried his hand in the horror genre back in 1977. Kingdom of The Spiders is the tale of a veterinarian named Rack (Shatner) who looks after his widowed sister-in-law (Marcy Lafferty) …

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