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‘Anything for Jackson’ Is An Unsettling, Effective Occult Horror Film – Movie Review

I love, love, love movies about the occult. So, I jumped at the chance to review Shudder’s new film: Justin G. Dyck’s (Super Detention) Anything for Jackson. I had no idea what a ride I was in for. The film centers around a rich, bereaved elderly couple who are grieving …

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Housesitters (2018) – A Half-Baked Horror Movie Review

If you were a lazy, unemployed pothead and your best friend was a low level drug dealer with time to spare, what would be the perfect job for you? Why, housesitting, of course! In Jason Coffman’s horror comedy, Housesitters, two entertaining yet hugely irresponsible Millennials take a job watching the empty …

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House of Salem (2017) – Movie Review

When I first heard about the 2017 horror flick House of Salem, it sounded to me like a bunch of horror cliches thrown together to form a mishmash of storylines but no fathomable plot. Too many arcs can kill a story, horror or otherwise. I didn’t want to see this …

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