Scottsdale, Arizona’s 6th Annual ‘A Night Of Misfit Film Festival’ Is Happening November 26-28, 2021

This weekend, Scottsdale, AZ will be hopping with the A Night Of Misfit Film Festival, an indie film party being hosted by Dineta Williams-Trigg. Check out the press release below for more information!

Get ready for an Indie Film Party. On November 26th until November 28th, you’ll get to experience an unusual house party like no other, made up of filmmakers and movie lovers alike. It will be graciously hosted by Dineta Williams-Trigg, who is a well-respected filmmaker and actress and the founder of this third annual film festival soirée/wrap party for the local Arizona film community called A Night Of Misfit Film Festival. This year’s edition of Misfit Films promises to be another packed house of cinephiles watching the most original cinematic oddities and enjoying adult fun.

Dineta and co-director Gauthier Raad, a French-Lebanese filmmaker, will welcome attendees and guests into their festival home at High Octane Pictures, 9096 East Bahia Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona. A Night Of Misfit Film Festival grew out of a desire by Mrs. Williams-Trigg to celebrate diversity in the Arizona film industry, artistic talent and to bring people together to have a good time.

The aim of the festival is to create a safe space for true independent filmmakers that haven’t had the opportunity to have their work screened by audiences at other film festivals. A Night Of Misfit Film Festival features an eclectic array of short indie films you won’t find anywhere else. A Night Of Misfit Film Festival doesn’t play it safe like most film festivals; they take chances. It has become one of the most unique and one of kind of film festivals you’ll ever experience in the Valley.

Friday night will showcase horror and sci-fi films, Saturday night will play comedies and drama, and Sunday will play international shorts in collaboration with the worldwide independent film festival. During the finale, festival organizers will be awarding prizes to the best independent films in each category shown at the festival.

In producing the programming for the festival, the organizers wanted to include rare gems that don’t get much love in the film festival circuit. Often, these films are rejected because they lack recognizable stars or deal with subject matter that’s either unknown, taboo, or strange. A Night Of Misfit Film Festival will have filmmakers and talent represented from Arizona and across the world. There will be films that both make you laugh out loud, cringe in horror, tear up, jump out your seat and dance, arouse you, and inspire you. A few lucky filmmakers will win a Misfit Award, one of the most creative, crafted award prizes you’ll ever see.


A Night Of Misfit Film Festival Schedule

November 26th Horror-Sci-fi Networking

Appetizers and drinks 5:00-7:00

Programming begins 7:15-11:00pm

November 27th Comedy and Drama

Networking, appetizers and drinks 5:00-7:00 pm.

Programming begins at 7:15 -11:00 pm

November 28th

Networking and Interviews 12:00 – 1:00p

International shorts 1:00 – 5:00p

Award Ceremony 5:00 – 6:00p

Everyone in attendance will be offered food and beverage. Music for the all 3 days will be provided by D.J. Balo of WUBI Ubiquity Radio.
This is one of many reasons why this festival has grown into a must-attend event to experience in the Valley.


November 29, 2019 Live Shows 16:00- 17:00 – Horror & Sci-Fi 17:00-23:00?

“3 Stolen Cameras” Dir. Anna Klara Ahren Sweden

“Invasion of the Rabid Stuffed Animals” Dir. Todd Rednius WA

“Thoughts Engine” Dir. Senen Fernandez Gonzales Spain

“It’s a B$tch Birthday” Dir. Felicia Rivers SC

“Reboot” Dir. Taylor Morden OR

“Split” Dir. Kayvan Sarvari Iran

“Goldblooded” Dir. Tom Botchii CA

“Fresh” Dir. Tatiana Wisniewski CA

“Good Man-Honour your Father and Mother” Dir. Daniele Zinelli Italy

“The Kingdom of I” Dir. Maya Zaleoum Lebanon

“Diversity” Dir. Mardig Otjian Lebanon

“FearPoint” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ


“Melvin and the Microphone” Dir. Chris Youngless CA

“Noisy Caterwaul” Dir. Cynthia Abou Jawdeh Lebanon

“The Lost Boys-The New Breed” Dir. Randy Memoli NJ

“Time Crisis” Dir. David Zheng CA

“Near Sight” Dir. Stephen Parkhurst NYC

“Three in a Coffin” Dir. Eric L. Hansen TN

“The Trophy” Dir Luana Chaptini Lebanon

“Ruins” Dir. Valentina Khawand Lebanon

“Static Kinship” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ


November 30, 2019 – Drama & Comedy 17:00 – 23:00

?“The Hug Deal” Dir. Charlie Dennis U.K.

“Fatty is the Third Wheel” Dir. Stephen Kessen AZ

“The Purple Tree” Dir. Roy Bou Chaaya Lebanon

“The Forgettable Dr. Knowalke Dir. Joel Crumbley GA

“transNoir” Dir. David M.G.G. Pedersen Denmark

“Agnes” Dir. Josh Daniels AZ

“The Sister Twins” Dir. Daniel Canez CA

“Crypto” Dir. Charles Townsend VA

“The Pick Up” Dir. Sandrick Mathurin & Ludovic L ‘Heureux Canada

“I Want To Be Understood And Ignored” Dir. Shadi Rabahi Lebanon

“The Will of Zenia” Dir Cassandra Nicholson AZ

“The Goodbye” Dir. Josh Daniels AZ

“A Wink or a Smile” Dir. C. Blake Everden Canada

“Wanderboy” Dir Thomas Bernos CA/France

“Ruthless” Dir. Mukarram Ramadan Canada


“What’s Left of Home” Dir. Antoine Maksoudian Lebanon

“Imaginary Bullets” Dir. Sean Oliver AZ

” Classic Punk” Dir. Ashley Hiatt NYC

“The Break Up Diner” Dir. Stephen Kessen AZ

“Crystal” Dir. Camilio Azoury Lebanon

“What Is Your Name?” Dir. Nour AL Moujaber Lebanon

“Inside the Hole Project” Dir. Vaughan Grey AZ

“Bathroom Humor” Dir. Ken Glaser CA

“Petey and Pile-(Stab Club)” Dir. Brian Ress & Dion Mastrangelo AZ

“Felicia’s Secret” Dir. Adolpho Navarro AZ

“Belonging” Dir. G.C.R. France/Lebanon

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