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Scottsdale, Arizona’s 6th Annual ‘A Night Of Misfit Film Festival’ Is Happening November 26-28, 2021

This weekend, Scottsdale, AZ will be hopping with the A Night Of Misfit Film Festival, an indie film party being hosted by Dineta Williams-Trigg. Check out the press release below for more information! Get ready for an Indie Film Party. On November 26th until November 28th, you’ll get to experience …

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Chicago Horror Film Festival 2020 Review: ‘The Haunting of Grady Farm’

The Haunting of Grady Farm

When I discovered I was going to finally see The Haunting of Grady Farm at the Chicago Horror Film Festival 2020, I was ecstatic. I’ve been following and supporting this film ever since it was called The Sluagh and let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed with the outcome. This found-footage …

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‘Atomic Apocalypse’ (2020) Coming To DVD And Digital This February

From High Octane Pictures and Writer/Director Martin Gooch (The Gatehouse 2016) comes a new post-apocalyptic sci-fi film called Atomic Apocalypse (AKA Black Flowers). The film stars Krista DeMille (Distance 2018), Andrea Sweeney-Blanco (Empty Room 2014), Jesus Lloveras (Day Release 2015), and William Mark McCullough (Massacre on Aisle 12 2016 – read …

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They Hide In Plain Sight – Trailer for Supernatural Horror ‘Covenant’


From director Manuel H. Da Silva comes an atmospheric and chilling supernatural horror film to get the New Year started with a scare. Check out the trailer, poster, and details for the Covenant. Synopsis for Covenant After receiving word of his estranged mother’s untimely passing, a reluctant former army lieutenant …

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A Chat With Lisa van Dam-Bates, The Creative Mind Behind ‘Marla’ (2018)

PopHorror had the pleasure of interviewing freshman Actor/Writer/Director/Special FX Artist Lisa van Dam-Bates (Kackles 2016) about her new film, Marla AKA Marla Mae (2019). The film stars van Dam-Bates, Travis Johnny Ware (Unlucky Girl 2014), newcomer Jason Stange, Palmer Chase (Dusk to Dusk 2018), and Katie Hemming (Oddball 2016). The …

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‘Pumpkins’ Are Coming For Revenge This October

From High Octane Pictures comes a bloody good film from director Maria Lee Metheringham (Adult Babies) called Pumpkins. The film stars Dani Thompson (My Bloody Banjo), Craig Edwards (The Snarling), Georgia Annable (Essex Heist), and Marcella Edgecombe-Craig (Death Promise). Pumpkins is available now on DVD and Digital. Synopsis: Assisted by his beloved …

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Trailer and Poster for ‘Marla’


Check out the trailer, poster, and release date for Marla, coming soon to digital and DVD. Let us know what you think! Carrie meets It Follows in Marla, a spine-chilling new horror experience from writer-director Lisa van Dam-Bates. The film stars van Dam-Bates, Travis Johnny Ware, Jason Stange, and Katie Hemming, Synopsis for Marla …

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No One Is Safe This October in ‘Killer Sofa’ (2019)

Killer Sofa

This October, you’ll never be safe again… especially on the sofa! From filmmaker Bernardo Rao, comes the most ridiculously entertaining horror jaunt of the year, Killer Sofa. Check out the trailer, poster, and other fun details for the film down below! Electric Dreams meets Christine in the heart-warmingly horrific chronicle of a …

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A Horror Legend Returns: ‘The Mummy Reborn’ Poster and Trailer!

I am a definite fan of the classic monster films, and one I’ve always loved is The Mummy. I have enjoyed the many adaptations of this beloved monster film. There is a new adaptation coming our way this month called The Mummy Reborn, and it looks to be a promising …

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Don’t Go In The Deep End! Check Out The ‘Drowning Echo’ (AKA Nereus) Poster and Trailer!

There is a new reason to be afraid of the water… except this time, it’s your friend’s pool that you need to be fearful of. Drowning Echo (also known as Nereus) looks to provide some jump scares and may make you think twice before swimming in a pool this summer. …

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