Review – THE PACK (2015)

This past Friday, I was desperate for entertainment and began perusing Netflix. Now, let me state that perusing Netflix with high levels of Entertainment Deprivation is never a good idea. Why? Because it’ll lead you to making choices like The Pack

The Wilson family have it rough: their livestock keep turning up dead, their farm isn’t making any money and they’re about to lose everything. Life sure is tough for them. But a pack of wild dogs is gathering outside the house to help them out – namely, by depriving them of said life! Will the Wilsons survive this attack of mutts? Or will they be reduced to Kibbles ‘n’ Bits?


Let me start by saying that this movie doesn’t suck at all. Not in the slightest. However, it’s not very good either. At best, it’s averagely meh; one of those movies you stumble upon late-night TV, watch and wonder why anyone bothered to make it. The film plays it safe and brings nothing new to the natural horror sub-genre, preferring instead to paint-by-numbers, and offer up predictable scenarios and clichés. If you don’t see where things are going, you haven’t watched enough movies.

None of the characters are worth liking or even caring about – or even remembering their names. Thus, tension and suspense are yawned away into oblivion. What you get are attempts at jump scares and actors who do stuff because they were given a paycheck.


But I will give the makers of The Pack credit for two things: using practical effects and using real dogs. Going in, I was expecting CGI atrocities that resemble canis lupus familiaris about as well as a blind person’s drawing of said animal. Nope, we got actual dogs here, folks. So bravo for that.

The Pack will leave no impact on your life. Predictability, failed jump scares and zero suspense place The Pack firmly in the category of It Doesn’t Matter If You Watch It Or Not. 

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Evan Romero has been a horror fan since watching “Leprechaun” at the age of five. Aside from watching and writing about horror flicks, he delights in torturing friends with Z-grade movies. He’s also an unabashed Andy Milligan fan, God help him.

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