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Review – THE PACK (2015)

This past Friday, I was desperate for entertainment and began perusing Netflix. Now, let me state that perusing Netflix with high levels of Entertainment Deprivation is never a good idea. Why? Because it’ll lead you to making choices like The Pack.  The Wilson family have it rough: their livestock keep …

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Retro Review – SLUGS (1988)

These days, mutant killer animals are the stuff of SyFy Channel original movies. But there was a time when stuff like this got theatrical releases. 1988’s Slugs is one of those flicks. People are dying under mysterious circumstances in the town of Ashton. Bodies are being found with the flesh …

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Retro Review – GRIZZLY (1976)

In 1975, Jaws was unleashed upon the world. It became a summer blockbuster and ushered in not only a new era of filmmaking, but a new era in horror as well. Soon, natural horror films were being churned out left and right as lesser filmmakers attempted to mimic the box …

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