Paying Tribute To Evil Dead (2013) – Retro Review

“You will die like the others before you! One by one, we will take you!” It’s been 4 years since director Fede Alvarez shocked horror fans with his reboot of the famous Evil Dead franchise. Now, PopHorror pays tribute to what is arguably one of the best horror remakes of all time! 

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Five friends head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of the Naturom Demonto (a.k.a. Book Of The Dead) leads them to unwittingly summon demons living in the nearby woods.

Evil Dead was Fede Alvarez’s directorial debut. He got the opportunity to write and direct Evil Dead after his short film, Panic Attack (2009), became a huge hit on YouTube. You can check out the short film below!

This was also Jane Levy’s (Mia) first horror film but it wouldn’t be her last collaboration with Fede – in 2016, Jane and Fede returned to terrify audiences with Don’t Breathe. Jane was the absolutely perfect choice to play Mia. The remake definitely wouldn’t have worked if they tried to replace Bruce Campbell as Ash. Mia was one hell of a final girl!

The best thing about Evil Dead is that it’s different from the original but still stays true to the franchise. One of my favorite nods to the first film was when the broken necklace is found outside of the cabin at the end. It’s in the shape of a skull, just like it was in the original The Evil Dead (1981).

Evil Dead also stayed true to the original by keeping the effects all practical with little to no CGI. Most of the cast members ended up spending at least 3 hours apiece getting their make-up applied and another hour to get the make-up removed. Now, when it came to the epic final battle, Fede stated that they used at least 50,000 gallons of fake blood for the “blood rain.” That’s a lot of red!

There’s no doubt that Evil Dead has divided horror fans. Depending on who you ask, this reboot is either one of the best or one of the worst horror remakes. But no matter what you’re opinion is, you can’t deny that the film had impeccable special effects, a final girl you can root for, and an epic last battle. Hopefully, we’ll be given a sequel soon! 

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