I am Worthless

Trailer POC For Same Damn Brain Productions’ Slasher/Creature Feature, ‘I Am Worthless’ (2022)

A gem of a short film, Weight of Guilt (2022 – our review), was released just a few months ago from Same Damn Brain Productions. Created by PopHorror’s own Tracy Allen and artist Justin Bourne Boring, the production company has now released the trailer for their latest film project, I Am Worthless.

From the Press Release:

After the success of 2022’s character-driven animated dystopian horror short, Weight of Guilt, Same Damn Brain Productions has flipped the script to bring the horror world something from the other end of the spectrum. I Am Worthless (styled as I Am Worth<ess) is a gory, genre-twisting thrill ride that takes a pissed off, psychotic slasher and tosses him in the ring with a mutated medical experiment to see who comes out on top.

I am Worthless


Down-on-his-luck single father Ernie Ester has had enough. The cruel, relentless scientists that work with the gentle giant at Worth Bio Tech have finally gone too far. They‘ve crossed a line and have awakened the hunter lurking deep within him, unleashing his bloody retribution. Their begging is worthless…Their apologies are worthless…Their lives are worthless… Ernie is WORTHLESS! However, collecting the flayed hides of those who wronged him will only be the beginning. The mad scientists have cooked up a fantastic freak in their laboratory of horrors with the brain of a psychopath, and it’s spoiling for a fight something awful. Ultimately, the main event between Worthless and the unnatural, abominable grotesquery of science turns a small, industrial desert town into a grisly, savage battlefield of gory mass destruction.

Here’s the Trailer!

Starring Bill Oberst, Jr., Joe Castro, Jess Norvisgaard, Justin Bourne Boring, and Lance “Lancer Dancer” Wagner.

Directed and animated by Joseph Daniel Rodriguez. Written and produced by Justin Bourne Boring.
Edited and produced by Tracy Allen

Joe Castro in ‘I Am Worth<ess’

I am Worthless looks awesome! I love the look and feel of this one. How about you guys? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to Same Damn Brain Productions YouTube channel to get the latest updates and let them know what you think! Stay tuned to PopHorror for all your news, reviews and much more!

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