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Ian Tripp and Ryan Schafer’s Dark Comedy ‘Everybody Dies By the End’ (2023) – Movie Review

Note:  This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the film being covered here wouldn’t exist. PopHorror fully supports the WGA and SAG-AFTRA and their efforts. Horror comedies can be tough to pull off. The balance …

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Coming Soon to VOD: ‘Everybody Dies by the End’

Everybody Dies At The End

Note: This article was written during the 2023 WGA and SGA-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, Everybody Dies By The End, being covered here, wouldn’t exist. Coming soon to VOD from directors Ian Tripp (Sincerely Saul) and Ryan Schafer (Normy) is a new horror/comedy: …

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Announcing Jozsef Gallai’s ‘A Stranger In The Woods’ Starring Bill Oberst, Jr. And Lynn Lowry

We are so excited to announce Jozsef Gallai’s newest project, a tense horror film called A Stranger In The Woods. We love the other films we’ve reviewed by the filmmaker, Project Skyquake (2022 – our review) and I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – our review), plus there’s been The Poltergeist …

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33 Guest Stars You Forgot Were On CBS’s ‘CRIMINAL MINDS’

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds ran for 15 seasons, not including its successor Criminal Minds: Evolution and two spin-offs Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. With 324 episodes, Criminal Minds was bound to have some awesome guest stars. Now because there are so many, I have broken it into three …

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Trevor Juenger Has Brought Something New and Terrifying With ‘The Man In Room 6’ (2022) – Movie Review

Do you want a great, mind-bending, psychological thriller that will make your skin crawl and have you contemplating the real meaning of death? The Man In Room 6 is a rollercoaster of a film will enlighten and thrill you from each scene, but be wary; do NOT turn your eyes …

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József Gallai And Gergö Elekes’ Film, ‘I Hear The Trees Whispering,’ To Release This Month

The time has come! We can finally pre-order the Blu-ray for József Gallai and Gergö Elekes’ film, I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – our review), which will be released on September 20, 2022. The VOD release will happen this month as well. And let me tell you, this film is …

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Trailer POC For Same Damn Brain Productions’ Slasher/Creature Feature, ‘I Am Worthless’ (2022)

I am Worthless

A gem of a short film, Weight of Guilt (2022 – our review), was released just a few months ago from Same Damn Brain Productions. Created by PopHorror’s own Tracy Allen and artist Justin Bourne Boring, the production company has now released the trailer for their latest film project, I …

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Gregory Blair’s ‘DEADLY REVISIONS’ 10th Anniversary Cut Coming In December

Deadly Revisions

We love us some Bill Oberst Jr. here at PopHorror, so you can only imagine our excitement to hear Gregory Blair’s DEADLY REVISIONS is coming to Blu-ray and DVD for its 10th anniversary! Oberst Jr. is front and center in this psychological thriller, both in the film itself, and in …

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Interview With ‘I Hear The Trees Whispering’ ‘Project Skyquake’ Writer/Director József Gallai

I first discovered Hungarian filmmaker József Gallai when I watched his film, I Hear The Trees Whispering (2022 – our review), about a man suffering through heavy emotional losses and tries to look toward the future with only the surrounding woods and a woman’s voice on the phone for company. …

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Short Film, ‘WEIGHT OF GUILT’ (2022) Is Long On Style – Movie Review

Weight of Guilt (2022)

Weight of Guilt is an all-new, animated short film from Justin Bourne Boring and Tracy Allen’s SameDamnBrain Productions. It’s a five-minute peek into the mind of a weary, human survivor and his faithful dog as they navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The vignette is the first incarnation of a larger story …

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