Underneath: An Anthology of Terror

Available Now on Blu-ray and VOD: ‘Underneath: An Anthology of Terror’

Available now on Blu-ray and VOD from Darkside Releasing is a new horror anthology: Underneath: An Anthology of Terror. The film is directed by John Nicol (Channel Zero), Andre Becker (Secret Santa), and Cory Ivanchuk (Glimpse) and stars Brent Baird (Seeking Oblivion), Nicholas Koy Santillo (Experience Machine), Andrew Baptiste (Bloodslinger).


An unstable individual is lured back to his country home by dark, mysterious forces, only to find that the house itself is a conduit into hell. Breaches in the basement spew forth a mysterious black fluid carrying whispers of insanity, tales of terror and corruption… An anthology of madness and horror from ‘the other side’.

Check it out today on Blu-ray and on digital platforms!

Underneath: An Anthology Of Terror


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