Freeze (2022)

Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘FREEZE’ (2022) – Movie Review

More coverage from the Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival. This time we had the chance to view the phenomenal creature feature, Freeze. Check out what we thought about it…

Freeze (2022) Synopsis

When an old friend’s ship goes missing, a courageous captain sets out on a mission to the North Pole to rescue the lost expedition, only to find himself stalked by a race of savage mutant fish monsters.

Freeze is a 2022 horror film written and directed by Charlie Steeds (The Barge People 2018, Winterskin 2018). It stars Johnny Vivash (Book of Monsters 2018, Walking Against the Rain 2022), Jake Watkins (The Gardner 2021, The Haunting of the Tower of London 2022), David Lenik (The Curse of Halloween Jack 2019, Mask of the Devil 2022), Beatrice Barrilà (Invisible – Chapter 1 2019, Four to Dinner 2022), Rory Wilton (The Barge People 2018, The Haunting of the Tower of London 2022), Ricardo Freitas (Exodus 2018, The Great Charade 2019), Tim Cartwright (The Barge People 2018, A Werewolf in England 2020).

It also stars Simon Pengelly (Merlin 2009, Being Human 2011), Elliot Hadley (Where’s Steve 2020, Eve 2021), Jay O’Connell (Vampire Virus 2020, The Legend of Jack and Jill 2021), Nick Hicholls (Freeze 2022), Sam Lane (Deadman Apocalypse 2016, Escape from Cannibal Farm 2017), Jamie Seal (Vampire Virus 2020, The Haunting of the Tower of London 2022), and Derek Nelson (Vampire Virus 2020, Pandamonium 2020).


Lovecraftian Monster Mayhem

This is one of the best indie monster movies out there today. The story is simple, yet simultaneously frightening and awesome at the same time. It’s stark, bleak, and mercilessly desolate.

The cinematography is awe-inspiring. The white snowy abyss is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect backdrop for a tale such as this. It leans heavily toward the Lovecraftian realm, with numerous easter egg references throughout, like the mentíon of Dagon and The Mountains of Madness (two of my personal favorites from the legendary author). 

There are some really strong performances in this, especially Rory Wilton and Jake Watkins. Wilton is gruff, resolved, and charismatic as the concerned Captain Mortimer whose main goal is to keep everyone sane and alive. Watkins is terrific as the young, vibrant, artistic go-getter who’s eager to please.

The practical creature effects are amazing. They’re minimal yet genuinely terrifying. Also, the editing is excellent and the music is absolutely fantastic. The pacing wasn’t the best, however, but the costumes, makeup, dialogue, and set dressing are sublime and top-notch.

Freeze (2022)

Final Thoughts

Overall, Freeze is cold, harsh, and unforgiving. It’s absorbing, unnerving, and one terrifying trip into the inhospitable illimitable unknown. If you like getting lost in unrelenting unbridled madness, look no further, this film is for you. It’s a superb creature feature ripe for the collection.

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